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Faux Fur Cat Ears - White/Pink

Faux Fur Cat Ears - White/Pink

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🐾 Description: Experience the allure of being a feline with our exquisite faux fur cat ears. Painstakingly designed to mimic the authentic appearance of real cat ears, our headband is the purr-fect accessory for cosplay, parties, or everyday wear.

🌟 Features:

  • True to Life: Crafted with high-quality faux fur that has been cut and shaved to resemble the intricate details of a real cat's ear.

  • Pose to Perfection: Each ear contains an internal metal structure that allows you to adjust and pose them according to your mood and desired look.

  • Comfort & Durability: The ears are securely affixed to a sturdy metal headband designed for prolonged wear and a comfortable fit for all head sizes.

  • Maintenance Made Easy: Although our ears have been treated with a specialty spray to maintain their pristine appearance, occasional light brushing can help keep them looking their best.

📌 Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality faux fur, metal
  • Ear Length: 2 inches

🌱 Eco-friendly & Cruelty-Free: Embrace the allure of the wild without any harm to our furry friends. Our faux fur is 100% synthetic and no animals were harmed in its creation.

⚠️ Care Instructions:

  1. Gently brush the fur using a soft-bristled brush to maintain its appearance.
  2. Avoid exposing to water or moisture to preserve the metal components.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place.

💡 Perfect For: Cosplay, themed parties, festivals, everyday wear, and gifting to cat aficionados.

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