I'm Mily!

Hello, I'm a full-time artist and a dedicated mother, journeying through the creative world with a lifelong passion for art. From a very young age, I found solace in all kinds of artistic expressions, largely self-taught, with a touch of formal learning. Every brush stroke, every stitch is an echo of my dedication and unceasing desire to learn and create.

My artistic voyage took an exciting turn in 2020 when a dear friend discovered a stuffie pattern and made an intriguing proposition: she'd buy the pattern if I'd bring the stuffie to life. And thus, a new chapter of my creative journey began. Since then, I've crafted and sold over 200 stuffies through social media, craft shows, vendor events, and consignment shops. Each stuffie has been a labor of love, an individual creation that found a home in the arms of another.

Looking to the horizon, my dream is to design my own stuffie pattern. Every day brings new learning, new techniques, and fresh inspiration, taking me a step closer to my dream. Simultaneously, I envision making alternative clothing more affordable and accessible for everyone. Since 2015, I've been sewing my own adult sized modernized vintage toddler/doll clothes, and I aspire to share this passion with a broader audience.

Thank you for being part of my journey, for supporting me, my little family, and my dreams. Your support means the world to us and fuels the artistic fire that keeps me moving forward. With every purchase, you are not just buying an item; you are investing in my dream and contributing to a future filled with creativity and passion. Here's to a vibrant artistic journey, brimming with endless possibilities.