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Bat Plushie OOAK - Sunflower Sweater

Bat Plushie OOAK - Sunflower Sweater

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Introducing the adorable bat plushie, perfect for anyone who loves cuddly and cute creatures. With an 11" wingspan and standing approximately 4" tall, this bat plushie is the perfect size for hugging, snuggling, or displaying on a shelf.

This unique bat was crafted from a recycled sweater. It is stuffed with a premium ployfill which makes it extra soft and snuggly. 

To make sure the bat plushie can sit on a shelf or a bed without falling over, it's stuffed with beads to weigh it down. This makes it easy to display and keeps it from rolling around.

This bat plushie is not only an excellent addition to any stuffed animal collection, but it also makes a fantastic gift for bat lovers of all ages. The soft and cuddly design of this bat plushie is perfect for comforting children at night, and the quality materials used to make it ensure it will last for years to come. 

Bring home this delightful bat plushie today and give yourself or someone you care about a new furry friend to cherish!

The pattern was created by BeezeeArt on Instagram.

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